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Don't take our word for it, read how our NASH customers and their wet dogs have benefitted from our bamboo dog drying range of products.
Based on 115 reviews
Excellent quality !

The bamboo drying coats have a better quality than the usual microfiber clothes. They can absorb more water at once but maintain the feeling of a normal towel.


Perfect for the beach days and perfect for the bath ones and best of all after a soggy run .

Well made dog drying coat

Only used a few times but it seems to be a good coat. May review again once we have used it more.

Great product

Recommend for a good easy clean of any dog. I bought for my old slightly grumpy hairy terrier - much improved attitude by bamboo gloves!

Bamboo Drying Coat - Grey
Amy Shephardson
Excellent drying mittens

We ordered drying mittens and drying coats for our dogs, these are amazing. The quality is brilliant and the dogs are super snuggly when they are wearing them and dry in no time. Thank you Nash!

Bamboo Drying Coat - Cambridge
Linda Scott-Douglas
Drying coat

Excellent service and great product. Our lab is size large in the coat and it fits well. He seems to love the feeling of being wrapped up! Great drying properties. Would definitely recommend.

Bamboo drying coat size small

Absolutely love it! and more importantly my working cocker does too! Delivered so quickly too, next day!.. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Works for us

As a grateful customer I would happily commend the drying coat but really important that you offer one without Velcro as a lot of young dogs don;t like it
You could make identical coat but with clip arrangement to accommodate sensitive dogs and you would be able to offer a really good option. Otherwise very happy, especially as the towelling can be pulled right up over the head to dry the soggy ears. Myrtle loves her coat and we are very grateful.

Bamboo dog coat

A superb dog coat easy to get on a wriggling spaniel, perfect after a mornings working thorough wet undergrowth and streams.

Bamboo Drying Mitts

If ever there was a product so perfect that you wonder how you possibly lived without it - this is it!
With your hands in the mitts you have perfect control (unlike with a towel) to dry every inch of your dog and they are long enough to protect your arms from snow and rain while drying your dog.My dog loves it too as it quickly dries him and the little massage he gets while I dry him. Our dog, Luigi actually waits for the mitts when he is wet!
They dry very quickly in the dryer if they are soaked or just hanging in the laundry room.
I bought 2 pair as gifts and an extra pair for us.
Love, love, love these perfect drying mitts!!!!

Jasvinder Dudial
Not all Towels are made equal

Great quality product and fits our puppy very well, we bought three products : gloves, coat and blanket. Good quality and look amazing. thx

Brilliant dog coat

This is our third bamboo drying dog coat, not because they have worn out , but because we have three dogs between us in the family! These coats are brilliant and even the dogs that don't like having coats put on them enjoy wearing these after a long swim or a wash down following a walk. Great....

Bamboo Drying Coat - Grey
Caroline Marston
Myrtle's drying coat

just as described thank you

Beautiful sustainable UK made dry coat

My doggy loves this coat, it's well made sustainable and looks great on her . I'm really happy

Gorgeous and functional!

I bought this coat as attempting to think about the planet with every pound I spend. This bamboo drying cost more expensive than most. But it is gorgeous and so cosy. Clover is warm and dry and curls up to sleep ion it after her bath or on from the rain. Brilliant


I will admit that my dogs coat cost more than mine, but well worth every penny - I had one and got him a second one, they are so well made, do the job perfectly and wash up as new. I have a dirty, ditch loving, puddle jumping Springer Spaniel and I wouldn't be without his NASH drying coats. I have had other cheaper brands of drying coats in the past, but I would recommend spending the money on the best one which in my opinion is NASH

Matching Bamboo Drying Mitts
Mark Cordwell
Drying mitts

A great addition to the coats we have, bath dogs rub them dow with the mitts and put their coats on. Dry happy warm dogs. What is there not to like

The Best drying coats

These coats work very well, walk and dry easily and are good value for money.

Beautifully made and quick drying!

Truffle looks so smart in her coat and it dries amazingly quickly. It’s the second one we’ve bought as she grew out of the first. Please do a pink one so I can add to our collection!

Beautiful products!

Beautiful, environmentally-friendly material and looks wonderful. The dogs love them.

Pampeano X NASH Dog Collar
Katherine Westwood
Great Quality Dog Collar

Beautiful dog collar, very well made. My dog has been wearing it for almost a month now and it still looks great!

Bamboo Throw - Cambridge
Jessica Clarke-McLean
Bamboo Throw

Amazing quality as always. We already have drying costs from Nash and we just love the brand. This time, I accidentally ordered the wrong colour, but have gifted to my mum for her pooch! The material is just so absorbent and the dogs love their Nash gear!

Beautiful and fast drying

Truffle loves her new drying robe - it dries her so quickly and looks very smart!

Pouffe covers

I ordered 2 of these custom made bed covers for 2 pouffes and a throw for the sofa.........and they are all fabulous!! Perfect sizing, wash well and dry quickly.

Bamboo Throw - Grey
Lorraine Davies
Smart throw

Really smart, well made and protects my sofa from 4 spaniels, thankyou.
Washes well and dries quickly.